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I am Anita Prendergast, your wellness coordinator. I provide therapeutic massage in your home or office.  Everyone, from Infants to the Elderly, can benefit from massage. Massage services that involves the needs of the whole family, not only helps the individual receiving massage, but it also helps maintain healthy relationships. Wellness coordination involves giving families the tools to manage their health and well being. Visit the "Partners" page to see some of the other services, or "tools",  that can be used to help you and your family on the journey to complete wellness. 

Your mobile massage session is based on results. Using a variety of modalities, I strive to create a healthy balance between the mind, body, and spirit to accomplish your desired goals. Be sure to  visit the  "Services & Rates" page for an idea of some techniques that may be used during your massage session. Please ask about my mobile services for special populations such as:

  • Healthy Aging Program
  • MassageKidz® for Preschools
  • M.I.T.Ts Program (Massage for Infants, Toddlers, and Teens)
  • W.B.M. (Women Becoming Moms)
  • Seated/Chair Massage for Corporate Events and Parties

To  schedule your appointment, free consultation, or if you have any questions, click on "Contact Me" and send a message.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.

When you need a wellness plan for yourself or your family remember, Anita4Massage ~ 4Families4Health.


Anita Prendergast, LMT

GA Lic. MT008633


*All content found on this website is based on personal experience and/or observation and is supported by research  related to massage therapy.  It is not meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or otherwise interfere with treatment by your physician. Since massage is highly subjective, results can not be guaranteed.  Massage Therapy is considered to be complementary to traditional medicine and a doctor's note may be required for certain medical conditions.